SteemTipper is a free service which allows social account holders to send STEEM to each other by tweeting and commenting. Help cultivate a kinder community and share the love by tipping small amounts of STEEM to others! To begin tipping, first deposit some STEEM into your SteemTipper account. This balance becomes available to send to others on social media by using special commands. When you send a tip, your SteemTipper account balance decreases by the amount you choose (no fees!) and the balance of the person you tipped will increase by the full tip amount.

When you receive a tip, it will be added to your SteemTipper balance.You do not need to deposit any STEEM to receive tips — they will be automatically tracked and added to your SteemTipper balance. You can use the balance from tips you've received to tip others, or withdraw your tips to a STEEM account.


At launch, SteemTipper will allow you to easily tip with STEEM on Twitter only. Tipping with STEEM is fast and easy! Simply send a tweet with the SteemTipper command. You can add text after the command, if you like. Here is the format of the SteemTipper command, and an example tweet:

@steemtipper tip + the user you want to tip + the amount of STEEM you want to send

@steemtipper tip @exampleuser 0.3 thanks for the help!

SteemTipper has three more platforms already in development, including STEEM.Chat, and plans for sequential integration of many more social platforms in the coming months. We are launching with Twitter alone to make sure the system is rock solid before we begin expanding outwards to other social media platforms. Security and stability are the most important factors to consider, so we're doing it right the first time, every time.


On a person to person level, SteemTipper is a service encouraging engagement between users, kindness and generosity in interactions, and bringing the power of STEEM to more people organically. Since you don't actually need a STEEM account to receive tips (or to send, if someone has already tipped you a balance) it's a great way to get someone interested in the STEEM blockchain! SteemTipper isn't made for sending massive amounts of STEEM, paying bills, or laundering money — it's an awesome way to thank someone for their help, reward their opinions, and encourage more social interaction.

On the technical side of things, security is our biggest focus. We use social media APIs to connect your accounts to SteemTipper, and SteemConnect to broadcast deposit and withdrawal transactions. SteemTipper never has access to your keys or passwords so your accounts will never be compromised by the service. There's a minimum tip amount to prevent spamming, and maximum tip and daily withdrawal limits to prevent accounts from being drained or misused, just in case.